Weather of my heart today :
Partly Shiny (30°C)
Precipitation: 40%
Humidity: 49%
Wind: 27 Km/h
Issue #1
Today's paper published on Summer. Hot as always. The next paper will be publish on random season of the year.

New Future Reveal as Pages Flip

The new landing page of had something change?

New update comes to the website of Lintnaya, the one that wants to be a tomato. It was not the plan to be updated this year with such many (at least more than 1) additional pages. The author himself, Lintnaya was pretty busy working on stuff and trying his best to stay alive in post-virus pandemic that took over the world a couple years back. With somewhat decent free time, he updated the site behind the screen, until the pages somewhat ready to be published and for the world of cyberspace to see or poke around. "This is just a beginning" that is what the author said for the latest update of the website.

For the latest update, there are several changes, small, big and even additional pages to see. From landing page there are more additional artwork will be randomly selected to be the first image people see on the landing page. Other things people can spot on the landing page are the new 3 sections under the image, "X", "Y", and "Z". Previously the lower section was "[Other]" which lead to 404 Page. But now there are 3 new sections to click on, but the truth is only 2 are ready for now. "X" section will lead to randomly selected 90's kind of visual novel vibe written by the author himself, Lintnaya. One day he played a random visual novel he found on the internet and immediately hooked on how "very 90's" that visual novel feel. The visual novel he played indeed from 90's, to be exact is 1996. As for now there is not much in the term of story published in the "X" section, one is properly published but still not the full story, and the other is still work in progress. Making up story is not an easy task, moreover the author himself needs to make the scenery and character images by himself. "I do really want to be a tomato, after all of this" is what he said. The other section is "Y" which will lead to Sticker page where bunch of stickers with variety of images pasted on. These stickers with respected images will lead to another page(s) that resemble the image on the sticker. For example the newspaper sticker will lead to Newspaper page (this page). There are more images of sticker available to see, but as for now only some are clickable. For the future, Lintnaya will make other sticker(s) (probably) for that page as some kind of portal to other experiment HTML and CSS, and put other creation he come out along the way on that page.

Move on to the small changes on the site, there are few grammar and spelling fix on some pages, although not everything written on this site even 100% grammatically correct. "English is not my first language, I still need to learn more." said Lintnaya. About page has some new text and the number #1, #2, and #3 are clickable now, further show about the author and the site itself. And last but not least, artwork. Some artwork has been added to PixelArt page, to be exact are the pixel art character, and pixel art 1bit. Also add 1 other sample of work done this year as well.

Now for the future of Lintnaya. It is kinda grey(?), a good kind of grey. He, like always doesn't really have a plan for everything, a thing that proper a adult should not do in this kind of era and age. Fortunately he is indeed not a proper adult. For now he wants to draw more pixel art, as well learning 3D modeling. Because for now he does not have enough 3D stuff to be uploaded to the site as a showcase, all he made are just donut. There are a lot of stuff he really wants to do and make for the site, but as for now he can not reveal it just yet. Expectation being betrayed is such a feeling that can not be helped, therefore do not expect anything from Lintnaya. In the end he is all alone, by his own thought in the sector of the farthest star existed. And that is all the news update for today. Hopefully he will and still alive the next time the news come out.

Cockroaches Terror the masses

Living a rent life can be a painful experience. You pay every month or year, the place is not even 50% yours, yet you need to deal with most of painful stuff almost 100% yourself. Landlord mostly do not care about the place or even you, they mostly care about payment from you that you payed in the right time every single month or year. One painful experience most tenant experience probably is the intruder of an uninvited living being to the place they currently sleep, like rat, insects, or maybe an alien.

A case happened in a little apartment located in Bidihama, India. A woman who live in that apartment witness a cockroach lurking around in her room, and every time she poisoned that cockroach until it died, another one will appear the next day. It is an endless cycle. Another tenant from the same apartment experienced the same tragedy. A man (32) just lived in that apartment 3 months ago, but decided he had enough. Nothing in that apartment made him happy, but cockroaches. Landlord named Budiyama Roachida (male) (62) seems not care in the world whatsoever. "I see no cockroaches" he stated while slammed the door at the interviewer. It is kinda a shame, the apartment itself looks pretty cozy, modern, not expensive, but the only problem is cockroaches. Moreover these cockroaches started to expanding their territory and spread like wild fire to the neighborhood and even public facility around that apartment.

Dead cockroach poisoned by a tenant

The other day, Pest Exterminator Team (PET) stated that they never come to any cases this bizarre. In no way of form they could handle this monstrosity. The cockroaches them self are not even hard to kill, but the problem is they keep spawning endlessly. The team them self still investigating on where the source of this army of cockroaches come from. One of the team member, Rudy (male) (32) stated that this cockroaches spawned endlessly could be because of some ritual done either by the landlord or one of the tenant living in this apartment. But another member, Sicka (female) (28) said that such ritual could not be happening in today day and age, and she claimed that this cockroaches might come from one of the room of this apartment or maybe somewhere in the hidden bunker this apartment hiding. Until the day they able to track down the source, the terror of this cockroaches will not end.

Group of ant in a package

Blekan Street, Berlindia. A woman initial A.D received a packaged that was supposed to be snacks from her mom. But after she opened it in her apartment room, all the snack inside are devour by a mass of ants. It is a true horror for A.D. It is the first time she witness how those small insect grouping together to form such a horror scene. After the incident, A.D immediately contacted her mother, asking for the explanation of those horror can be appear in such package. Her mother, initial I.C stated that she knows nothing about the group of ant in those packages, she stated that the time she packaged the snack there was no such ant and she blamed the delivery service for inserting the group of ants into the package for her daughter. She already payed to much money for that package, but the package now already devour by group of ant. Now I.C trying to get a good lawyer to sue the delivery service.

This Tuesday, 2nd of August 2023 come statement from the delivery service of the package. "It is all hoax! It is a conspiracy theory made by people that just hate our service because how good we are at handling everything! Even where they decided to package stone, useless stone, we will deliver it even to the end of the world or even pluto!". Their statement indeed sounds fantastic but that statement did not answer the question about how those ant can be spawned inside the package. One man that come to the conference Didadidu Antiantoanta (32) open his mouth and stated that the delivery service might doing some shady stuff like voodoo or cultish thing, "I mean their delivery service name is Angular Necromancy's Transport, short for ANT!". Indeed all the answer seems hazy but the clue is there, right now the legal team is investigating all stuff to do with the ant and ANT. The delivery service also stated that they will fight this cases to the court and will not back down from the claimed from A.D and I.C. Even thou public has a lot to say about this delivery service, about how they quietly hide shady stuff under the rug, about everything they lie about, this delivery service seems ignoring all of them and claimed they all just hoax and noises from public that hate their service. Until the ant propaganda clear from everyone's mind, and this allegedly cultist delivery service face what they should be face we might need to take care ourself by not using untrustworthy delivery service with shady name on it.

Broken Mouse caused a chaos

Texas, 24th of June 2023, a teenager named William Hammerhead (14) had a tantrum after losing so many times in a video games called "Dung Socks", a video game developed by a Japanese game developer, To Jarware. This video game is notorious to be very difficult than your regular video game, where usually video game cause happiness and reduce stress, video games developed by To Jarware is the opposite. On that afternoon William smacked his grandma with a computer mouse by accident. The grandma entered the room in the same time the teenager's tantrum kicked in, he released the anger at the mouse for mis-click and threw it away from him and unfortunately the mouse hit his grandma. He immediately called 911, and she got the first help needed, luckily the grandma was not in critical condition and can be returned home by tomorrow of that day.

William then stated it was all the mouse that produced by a famous company named Log&rekt fault, "If I did not have trouble clicking in the game, I might not need to throw the mouse in the first place", he stated. But on another hand the company that produced the mouse stated, it was not the mouse fault, neither the teenager fault, it was the game. Such a bold statement they stated. And because of this statement the company behind the game Dung Socks come forward to the media after 10 years never really cared about anything in the world. "How dare them!", the CEO of the company, Kotoboro Karabakai said. "Our game is not the cause of the problem, we know sometimes our game might be buggy in the first launch but the teenager played the most stable version of our game!", the CEO stated. All of this claimed back and forth between the three party seems not stopping.

A week after the incident and all the statement back and forth, the grandmother open a shocking statement that she will commit a genocide and join a political party far north. One of a doctor who examined her explained that was a high chance that grandma mind has suddenly replaced by a historical figure that ever committed genocide in the past, named Timber. Sudden change in her mind might caused by the mouse that hit her on another day. Timber was known for massive genocide happened in 1975 and caused every people from Wood clan died. And in todays day and age, we have not have clear statement that if people from Wood clan even still exist. All we known they all eradicated in 1975 by this historical figure, Timber. And for the grandma, a special force to prevent another genocide has started their movement to oversee the grandma. As long the grandma has not doing what she stated, the team will not captured her, but for now they will continue to oversee her. All this domino effect happened just because of that day. William Hammerhead will, surely overed to the psychiatrist after all the stuff happened around him that week.

Summer Virus & Heat Wave

After post-pandemic every part of the world were trying their best to go back to the normal daily life they seek, but as in the middle of 2023 not everything went as a plan. Summer heat started like a lion, some expected summer will be hot as always. But this year, global warming has proven that they are real. Human has not chance against the nature, unless they prepare and educated themselves.

Tokyo, Japan, 14th of July 2023. A salary man named Yakitoshi Natsuwave (27) fainted in the middle of intersection on busy street of Tokyo because how hot everything was. A single can of cold soda could not solve everything, as his friend next to him overed him the can. On the other part of the world, Greenland has become Redland because the wild fire suddenly appear in this year summer, there is no more ice left in the world to be enjoyed. This summer is the worst for polar bear and penguin, and they forced to live in more grey habitat and learn how to cook meat. What a strange world we live in currently.

Other than the heat of summer itself, a well known virus has appeared in the world right after summer just started. It is a virus, but not as harmful as the virus we fought back in early 2020. This virus most likely caused light cough and flu. Some might experience light headache and dizziness, other than that, this virus is not as deadly as 2020 virus. People are suggested to not go out for too long in the summer and not to come to a gathering in event where everything held outdoor. Even though the virus not deadly the virus might stay in your body the whole summer, and the only way to prevent is not to get tired too often this summer. If one has caught this virus, it is recommended to take a medicine that contains paracetamol, or for better is by using some kind of aromatherapy substance, and also not to overwork yourself. Take a week off or more from work if you experience a symptoms such as coughing, headache, dizziness, or even flu. Stay healthy and stay aware and responsible is the key to survive this year summer.