Weather of my heart today :
Rainy (22°C)
Precipitation: 25%
Humidity: 41%
Wind: 26 Km/h
It's Winter!
Snow falls on wrong spaces.
Rain falls on few cases.
Heat is eternal for those places.
End year is one of the phases.
Lintnaya Newspaper


Illustration of Lintnaya sleeps. The hat is an exaggeration.

December came alongside the cold to the end of the year. It was where everyone reflect on what they had done in the year of 2023 and prepare for the better or worst in the coming year of 2024. A lot of stuff happened, good one and bad one. From one side of the world to the other. Unfortunately Lintnaya Newspaper could not cover all stuff that happened in the year of 2023 since our newspaper just started in August this year. But that doesn't stop us to write about random things our writer decided to write about.

December started like a lion, roar and splash anyone who dare to stand in-front of it. Busy to be lazy as always with extra cold and weird weather that keeps going back and forth. This month was where illnesses start catching up everyone who were not ready for it. Lintnaya was one of them. It was not as dangerous as the last year's virus but it has disabled Lintnaya movement to minus one for a couple week of the month. All started from the busyness working on design and animating sprite for someone else game, Lintnaya confessed that working on such stuff actually is fun, but for some reason December came and wiped away the motivation and gave Lintnaya a whole lazy virus and forced him to have a long nap and sleep. Lintnaya could do something about it but he chose not to, the kind of adult he should not be. Luckily the task he should do didn't have any tight deadline, therefore he could lazying around and be a sloth for once in a while. Not to mention Lintnaya had spent some of his saving to finally bought stuff for his desktop, and finally new upgrade. All stuff he bought were mean to help him work more efficient, healthy and productive. But without he realized, shopping and set up all those stuff actually drastically consume a lot of energy, to the moment he forgot to breath and overwhelmed himself. A whole week spent on choosing what to buy, setting them up and go to bed feeling overwhelmed.

After two days of recovery Lintnaya slowly came back to another boring day that cycles and repeats. But now with the new upgrade he can always look up every time he woke up in the morning. No longer needs to bend over on the desk. Much larger, better and accurate color view. Somewhat nice touch feeling on finger tips, and also decent aesthetic storage stuff. All of those upgrade came with little bit consequences that Lintnaya needed to think about for a while. First of all, will Lintnaya able to use those stuff wisely to enhanced creative production? Will everything last long enough until the day he needs to move somewhere else? The future is a mysterious place for all human existed in the current time. Lintnaya is not an exception. Sometimes thinking about future is scary, but not thinking and simply just ignore it, is way horrible and terrifying. And after few days just thinking, absorb and silent Lintnaya finally came with a conclusion that all stuff that happened those couple weeks was worth it. And for the future, hopefully it will become useful tool either for creative work or other hobby he decided to do. And because of those stuff that happened in the couple week of this month, Lintnaya unable to published new artwork in any section. He drew some stuff but all of those are still in "work in progress" state, maybe later in the new coming year Lintnaya able to finish them and make more stuff in the future. Not a promise he needs to hold on, but the things he needs to always remember and of course do it. And lastly one thing Lintnaya wants for 2024 is a simple nice blue sky. With extra cloud could be fun!

Faucet Leak Drives a Man Crazy

The very first day of December 2023, West Java, Indonesia. A man named Aang Budiman (31) gone insane after his bathroom faucet leaked for about a week. It was pretty new room in the apartment and everything inside were all brand new, but after just about a year the apartment showed it's true behavior. Not everything works like it supposed to be. One of them is the faucet. Aang had complain about the case to the landlord but the landlord simply ignore him. This kind of landlord are actually uncommon in Indonesia. Aang could leave the place but he couldn't because he had no money and no cheaper apartment option near the area.

Depicted of the leaking faucet. Not a real one.

After a week Aang left the faucet alone. On 13th of December he had enough and decided to kill the landlord. The landlord was killed using adjustable wrench that Aang bought a couple week prior. Aang stated that he did want to fix the faucet by himself, but the faucet won't budge on his attempt. He was too mad about everything going on in his life that he couldn't think clearly at that time. The noise produced by water drop from leaking faucet drives Aang insane. Aang has fallen on 2nd degree-murder and will faced 13 years in prison based on Indonesian's law.

Beluga VS Dolphin

8th of November 2023, Medellín, Colombia. Two activist groups went barbaric and started chaos around the city of Medellín. These two activist groups divided because of their stand differences. One group called them self as Dolphin Stand, and the other is Beluga Stand. It was started on viral video published on 1st of October 2023 about a group of people made fun of beluga in Aquarium Medellín. One of the Dolphin Stand, named Natasha Sinana (28) stated in the video "Look! Beluga face kinda idiot right? Lucky for me I'm a dolphin stand!". This statement sparked controversy, especially among the beluga stand in the Medellín. Then beluga stand and dolphin stand throwing argument and insult to each other over the internet. Beluga stand insulted dolphin on how horny and unethical dolphin are. Dolphin stand insult beluga that beluga are stupid and have small brain. Fortunately no real dolphin and beluga was harmed during these online argument.

Other than online argument, these two groups started burning and boycotting each other animal mascot. Still no real animal was harmed in process. And on the 8th of November 2023, these two activist group came to the street and decided to clash on each other. But what really happened is they just proceed to destroy the city facility. Funnily enough, these two activist seems a bit passive to each other. They didn't hurt each other on the place but instead doing some damage to the environment nearby. A special force from vet and police were deployed to secure the chaos done by both groups. Some people from both groups have been detained and still waiting for further investigation.

Nightmare on Cold Month

Nataline Risksleep, (female)(21) had bizarre nightmares on the 1st of December 2023 up to the end of December this year. She stated that this cold month had given her nothing but nightmare. She stated that this might be a sign that the world will collapse and humanity will fall. Weirdly enough even thou Nataline stated she had those nightmare, she can't remember any of them. It was a linger feeling of nightmare she described. "I had this weird feeling that I'm being watch, and sometimes this figure trying to lure me to the death" she stated.

A medical treatment from professional dream catcher had started the investigation. The professional said this happened because of the subject had lack of sleep and too much stress in her life, hence the nightmare happened, therefore the subject needs to take a proper medication from the professional. But from social media professor, especially from facelook stated that this thing doesn't need medical treatment, but pain. She should give herself pain to keep her awake therefore she doesn't need to sleep and face the nightmare. This bold statement from facelook people sparked controversy among the professional. Debate between professional dream catcher and professor from facelook will be hold in the middle of January 2024 to settle all the nightmare Nataline had.

Suspicious Moving Trash

A middle age man named Omen Nahila in Bhopal, India has been reported of spying on resident in the area by using trash as camouflage. He was reported by a young man named Maha Khan (21) who felt suspicious about trash and garbage around the block he currently lived. All started around 31st October 2023. Maha Khan stated the trash and garbage around that area seems decreasing despite no one around here initiate to clean them up. Turn out the trash and garbage moved place to the other side of the street. There was no CCTV device installed on the area back then, so no one knew who decided to move them up. Until Sunday 12th November 2023, Maha Khan decided to install his own CCTV in the area and see who is person responsible of moving the trash.


Two days after the installation of the CCTV, Maha finally saw the result that all trash in that area moved by a skinny, white beard middle age man. Maha took several days to spectated and what actually that middle age man doing with the trash. On 17th of November 2023 Maha witness that the middle age man actually using the trash as camouflage to spy and peep on one of the resident house in the area. Maha immediately call the police to take care the situation. Shortly after that the police arrived and secure the middle age man. Turn out the middle age man named Omen Nahila spying on a female resident and was planning to enter the house and steal her underwear. Luckily this incident could be prevented by the initiation of a young man that care about trash.