"Hi". A simple word to start everything. Wonder where everything will go from this onward. To the sea? Somewhere that full of mountains? To the unreachable moon? Nor God even knows.

The more I try to think something complex, the more I want to make it as simple as possible. It's not like I hate complex thing, it just makes me overwhelm. Makes me sleepy, I don't want to go work. No coffee. Just want to sleep. I don't even drink coffee.

Rain is my favorite kind of weather. Whether it's the one that bring rainbow or the one that bring thunderstorm. I like them both. There is charm on both of them.

"Less is more". "More is more". "Less is less". "More is not less". Sounds weird, but maybe that is the answer to a question that does not need to be answered.

World is a cruel place, it always be. Yet it's so beautiful once you know where to look. If I seek death, will there be a flower for me(?). Will there be one for every single soul(?). Bad people die, good people die. Isn't that beautiful.

So noisy. Too noisy. This surface on earth, as well on the cyberspace. Wonder how human able to make such noise in their baloney. Let the thought shut for a while.

Sometimes, I don't need to know everything about you. You don't need to know everything about me. Keep everything as what it is. It keeps my mind in ease.

I don't know if being born as human is something to be grateful to. But apparently it is according to the elder, and according to me as I am still in form of human. Maybe if I had or have chance to be something else (maybe tomato) I could reconsider. But as it is now, I need to die first and see if reincarnation is something that could be reach. But who knows. God?

I am just an entity that could be forgotten in one click. Nothing special, nothing much, just like the rest of human existed. But if somehow my existence capable to attach in someone memory for long enough, I will be very happy.

Someday, somewhere, someone died. Someday, somewhere, someone born. Someday, somewhere, somebody wants a strawberry cake. Someday, somewhere a peace was made.

How many worlds exist in this world(?). If the sky falls will this world disappear? If the sun falls will planets disappear? Not knowing, not caring, human will still keep going. Even if another being exist on the other side of the world, will I even know?

Is you from the cyberspace the same you as you are in real space? How many of you exist in both world? As someone who travel back and forth this and that world, me that you know probably not the same me that you know. Therefore, who is the real you? Who is the real me? As someone said from cyberspace, don't let the two worlds collide. Therefore, let's meet in the real one, where I can seek the reality out of you. Although, the chance we meet probably is 0.1%.

"I know your lie" says God. "I'm the one that created you, I'm also the one that created lie in this world" still says by the God. "Screw you, turn me into tomato already!" says me. Nothing in the scenario even real. Life will be so much easier if we could just ask God whatever we want. Then why not become a God once in a while.

Scraped by the eggshell, pierced and bleed slowly from this thumb of mine. No matter how much you hurt me, I am still here for you, that is a lie. No matter how many times you stand there, I will be here to eat you. Over and over again.

The world seems much peaceful when I shut my ears off. Block all useless human noises, play only ambient of nature, insect, frog, rain and goodbye. Play only the melody I like, violin, piano, guitar, electronic and metal, and let me scream as loud as possible. But maybe that's for another time.

If I think something up this night, I will probably forget most of it the next morning. I shouldn't sleep, so I can still have the thought, or maybe I shouldn't awake, so I don't need to remember the thought. Wonder if a fruit needs to remember something before being eaten. Maybe I could get a melon next morning.

It's weird, usually something new go on to the top(?). But as I keep on typing, it just keeps going down. I could just bring it up to the top, but that's not how it works. Once it is there, it is there. Once seen by others, it is there. I could just erase it and type the new one, but that's not how it works.

History come, history go. Memory come, memory go.

As long you still have both eyes to see, your judgment is sentimental. Unfortunately a monster always be a monster in the eyes of villagers. What can I say to a deaf dwarf who wander around the lake? A result of a process that was half-baked.

Product of reality, Arial, Helvetica, Calibri. Where will the courier go now onward? Is all of this part of an illusion? Please take me with a low impact.

Tried journal before, not really a thing for me for sure. Tried once, threw it on page 1. Tried twice, delete it on unwanted memories. I'm good at writing nonsense, but not so much on lying. Or so that I thought. If God of lies exist where will it sit? Should it call God of deception? That's a much better name.

I'm in no way an original, neither a perfect copy of myself. Sometimes I need someone else vision to seek on, sometimes I need someone else thought to rope on. Too lazy to be someone else, too lazy to be the center of the room. Edge, please.

This whole sentences on this page is full nonsense. Don't take it too seriously. Who will tell you if God loves sardines.

I rarely interact with you, sorry. It is who I am. Sometimes I just like being alone, by my own thought, by my own breath. Nothing much calmer than drowning in the deep blue sea of ocean in huge wide blue sky.

I don't really like the concept of social media on cyberspace. I couldn't see the real or the fake lying upon you. It is so easy to be a different person wearing different face. Socializing while role-playing a character that is not you.

As long we connected via invisible wire that should be fine. Transfer one to another and make sure everything is in line. Limit everything into data, not much not less. Safe the real one for later where I can see your face.

A note to a self, please create a restore point before installing any software. Thanks me later, a future idiot me.

Make me sad. Let the tears fall down from these eyes of mine. It is such a calming emotion among all. Yet not a single tear drops. Only the melancholy feeling that stays. I cherish all of it, thank you.

Look how far I go from those past memories of mine? Do I want to go back once more? I don't know. Probably not. But it does feel good to visit once in a while. Hope everything don't forget me, I hope I don't forget them. Not a promise thought. But having a moment that I still remember those days is nice.

I don't want to see you too much, otherwise that would bore me. I don't want to know every step you took, just make sure you know where to see. Our contract is done after the education system. After all we are all just friend in the end of term. Let me know you even more while you are not here with me. Let me miss you even more where I'm unable to see.

"You" in English could be directed to one person or a group of person. Most of "you" in the sentences of this page are directed to a group of nothingness or myself. Just to let "you" know. English is weird.

Everyone will die someday, somewhere. Everyone. Without an exception. Which is nice. Or maybe not(?) What you'll gain from immortality anyway?

Connected without being connected.

Humans are pathetic sometimes. Or most of the times(?) What consider them to be higher being than worms? Nobody is special, not me neither you. You on your own. I prefer death by food anyway.

The power of "influencer" is scary. Say a line and now you are being "influenced". Having a self-control and strong stance for yourself is good. Especially in now days and age. Hopefully you're not going to be a mindless corpse.

Sometimes I'm full of love, I want the world of a bright future and hope. Sometimes I'm full of hate, I want the world to burn in chaos, dark fire red. Most of the hatred come from interaction of living being like human. None of the hatred come from the most beautiful living being like plant. Why don't all human turn into plant already. Sweet and sour like a strawberry.

Being loved by everyone is impossible for me. Being loved by certain people I think is good enough. Small world we live in, too much to ask for.

Sometimes I just want to buy a crowbar and hit someone in the head. Just because they couldn't put rubbish into the right place.

It's far easier to change a kind helpful human being into one heartless self-centered killing machine, rather than the other way around.

Sometimes I just want a blue sky. Empty one is fine, but cloud could make it fun. One breezy wind with no extra ice. Under the warm sun that slowly rise. Lying on sleepy melancholy goodbyes. Slowly dream and close these eyes.

Sometimes I'm little bit envy to those who had dream what they want to be when they grow up, chasing it and achieve it. Since I don't really have one. I kept on changing what I want to be when I grow up. Then, when I step on "adulthood", I asked myself "is this what I really want to be?" Guess there's a moment I pause and learn to accept how inconsistent I am sometimes. Although some says that I am pretty stubborn when working on something I'm really into. But what is for the long term? I don't know. Maybe it's not bad at all being what I'm currently be.

Bound by God from seeing the sky. Not me, not one can be trust to rely.

Eventually everything comes to an end. Will so call God end itself?

When everything falls down under reality and fakery slips down like a fairy. Can you tell us who's lying beyond the gate and let us prepare the one luxury roses bed.

You're looking at someone else too much. Why don't you look at yourself for once in a while. Comparing without the feeling of touch. Slowly, make sure everything fit into one file.

Self-doubt. The moment where everything drops. Unable to believe in such a thing as self. Repeat over and over as in a ref. Wonder how I could be in such a spot. Stand still while waiting for everything to rot. Where to break those stains glass that keeps me in? Please break it before I scrump into a bin.

Wonder when I decided to close everything. Did I lock it? I didn't. Did I? Where's the key? There's never such a thing. It could. But again, I'm just passing by. Sorry I lied. Wonder why. I can't see you in the eyes. Take me to a hill that full of flowers. I swear, you don't really need a screwdriver. Take me to a place with no siren. And I'll let you know that is now open.

A kind sentences form by charming magical words. Construct naturally by those glass lips of yours. Bloom everything that once wilt. Sky me dive before I get kill.

Even though I travel a lot in the cyberspace, I don't interact with its entity that much. Some are pain, most are nice. But I just love my solitude, loneliness and such. Or so, I'd think.

There's smile, laugh & happiness on the bright side of the world. Yet sad truth and suffering lies on the other side that is cold. The worthless coins only for the subordinate. Unfortunate. Unfortunate. Unfortunate.

Human is much complex creature than what holy book said in any religion.

Camera distorts light, caused the image to be altered differently to what my eyes currently see. I don't want a picture perfect. I want to snap the part of me leaved a story. It is for me, for my interest and my egoistic only.

God exists in a realm of human believes'. Does a tomato believe in such(?)

Unreal reality sleeps under a dream of one human being. Let it slips over and over until the day it got bored. Today's alarm of a person set didn't get to ring. Oversleep in the melody that one wish to get more.

The whiteboard I got is not so white. But I like the warmness it gives.

Back up data is important. Even those data you think unimportant, it might be the most important. Back them up. Back up everything. Make sure everything is the latest version. Don't make the same mistake as me, that the past me did over and over again.

Drink water! It's make you alive. Even a tomato loves it.

You will know more about me once you explore everything. Although one can argue that I'm nothing other than a flea. Not a leader, not a boss, not a king. A creature that most likely to be drowned by the sea.

Life is much easier if I play with my own rule.

In the end everything will be gone and forgotten. So it is nice to have some kind of records and notes. Story from the past for the future to read. Or maybe it was written out of boredom and no one really need.

As I grow up I realize that human tends to hate each other very easily. Either over something very simple or just because they haven't known each other very well. Refuse to ask name, refuse to see face, refuse of everything really. Guess no one brave enough to break the chain and ring the bell.

Human hungry for food, hungry for attention, hungry for entertainment, money, greed and fame. Under the root, there's no sense of motion. One full of flowery scent was burnt slowly by the flame.

Don't believe everything what a person says to you online. Especially from that guy who wants to be a tomato.

Everything stops when you decided to. Eventually continues even if you don't want to.